It is easy to find wedding venue ideas for the small, intimate weddings that many couples choose for their special day. Many wedding planners agree that a good idea is to keep things intimate; however, this does not mean that you have to have a huge venue.

For the bride and groom that are not quite ready to have a large wedding, there are plenty of options that are perfect for the style of wedding that they want. While the smaller intimate weddings can be lovely and meaningful, there is no need to go with a size that can’t accommodate your guests.

Wedding venues can range from a very small banquet room to a huge banquet hall or ballroom. There is no one type of wedding decor that is suitable for every situation. You might opt to decorate your wedding venue in a rustic style with chandeliers, potted plants, and an old-fashioned charm.

This is a great idea if you love the charm of being in the outdoors but don’t want the cost or complexity that comes with having a stately hall. This is also a great idea for you if you are trying to keep the cost of your wedding as low as possible.

On the other hand, another option for rustic decorating is to decorate it with bar carts. Bar carts are a great way to add some flair to the venue without going over the top. They help to save space for smaller tables and can give a nice nautical feel to the reception.

Bar charts can be very charming, yet give off a feeling of intimacy as well. As long as you get creative with them, they can make a memorable impact on your guests. Other wedding venue ideas include getting married in a historic landmark. Some of these have been renovated and restored to be reminiscent of bygone days.

These types of settings can be great for weddings that take place in gorgeous settings, like the beach at sunset. Of course, there are plenty of hotels that will let you rent the entire facility for receptions, or you can ask your guests to bring a picnic basket.

If you are getting married on a weekend, then a lower-cost hotel should be able to accommodate your guest list. This will allow you to have a smaller reception, while still maintaining an average wedding. There are plenty of hotels that will let you rent the entire facility for receptions, or you can ask your guests to bring a picnic basket.

Outdoor weddings can also be an excellent choice for wedding venue ideas. Outdoor spaces offer the opportunity for you to get married at a time that suits your needs better. Depending on where you decide to get married, you might find that the weather is great, or there are fewer guests.

Outdoor weddings can be especially successful if you are having a garden wedding because there are lots of plants and flowers in bloom at this time of year. The size of the venue is going to impact your budget. If you have a small reception, then the cost will be less expensive. Talk to Gold Coast’s leading wedding reception venue when you follow the link. You surely won’t regret it!

For larger receptions, you can choose a more exclusive venue that will help to enhance the beauty of your wedding, while still offering you a lower cost. Some venues offer wedding planners, so if you need some extra help with the planning, this is a possibility. You may be able to find a venue that offers wedding planners as part of the package.

In either case, you should still get great results for your money and be able to keep costs down to an affordable level. If you want to have a rustic and scenic outdoor wedding, then fire pits are an option to consider. Fire pits can provide a beautiful backdrop for your reception and will make the evening much more fun and entertaining.

They are a wonderful place to share romantic candlelight dinners with your guests, and you can enjoy them without worrying about the clean-up. Many couples choose fire pits because they are less formal, and yet they still provide a beautiful setting. You can find a great outdoor wedding venue idea that works perfectly for you and your guests.